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RadioWorkSafe provides the basic safety steps for working on base stations and buildings and other facilities with radio transmitting antennas.

RadioWorkSafe also provides building and facility managers with essential information to help provide a safe work place and manage access around mobile and communications antennas.

Whether you are specially trained to work on mobile phone base stations and radio transmitting sites, or you are a contractor or worker who is unfamiliar with antenna safety, RadioWorkSafe can help you work safely. Remember to follow the basic safety steps and always ask for help if you have questions.

Select site and do check list

Use RadioWorkSafe for

  • Height workers - Antenna safety awareness
  • Facility managers - antenna safety and responsibilities
  • Educational & safety videos
  • Safety checklists

Introduction to RadioWorkSafe


Contact Facility Manager or Carrier Check site drawings & update alerts Identify antenna hazard/no-go areas


Prepare a Safe Work Method Statement


Ask a Facility Manager or Carrier for help


Observe safety signs

Be Safe

Do not stand near antennas